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The long trajectory of Cerámicas Aparici in the production of wall and floor tiles, and its dedicated bet on the technological innovation, has been a part of what is today our product: a material of the best quality. Giving the maximum attention and requirements in the selection of material, just like the supervision of the whole productive process. Cerámicas Aparici has achieved to elevate itself between the most powerful companies in the sector.

NAVARTI looks towards the horizon with a vision in line with the new economic, social, and security standards and values. Therefore, our current course follows a path of regeneration, redesign, and improved cooperation in order to study the true needs and values of our customers, suppliers, employees, and partners. This will enable us to more attentive and professional, and ultimately a better company. 
Our principles are founded on transparency, close relationships, confidence, effort and responsibility in order to bring the best solutions. With this foundation, Navarti will evolve and grow.

The Ragno brand is one of the historic protagonists of the growth and success of the Italian ceramic tile industry all over the world.Founded in 1949 in Sassuolo, Ragno becomes one of the key-actors of the ceramic district’s growth thanks to its ability to produce wall tiles for domestic spaces, in the 60’s and 70’s its expertise extends also in the production of glazed tiles for floor and wall covering destined to various segments of the building industry both nationally and internationally.

Cerámica Saloni was founded in 1971 with a clear purpose: to provide consumers with the products they needed.
Are keen to offer innovative, well designed, quality products, in line with market demands, investing constantly in R&D&I and using the most advanced manufacturing methods. We produce a wide range of white body, porcelain, coloured body and technical porcelain ceramic flooring and tiling, so that customers can always find products that match their requirements.

STN Cerámica is a strong group of companies that manufacture and market the latest ceramic products.
It is a great pleasure for us to present you our catalogue, where you can find our wide range of ceramic floor and wall tiles, manufactured with porcelain or red stoneware, glazed, with high shine finishes and heavy-duty tiles that stand out from other products. We also offer a variety of sizes, some being slightly elongated and even large sizes.