When it comes to selecting the best flooring option for your home improvement project, vinyl flooring is a no-brainer. From its affordable price point and durability to its ease of maintenance and installation, there are countless benefits for homeowners to enjoy. But with so many color varieties to choose from, it can be hard narrowing down which is right for your home aesthetic. Here are our five favorite luxury vinyl tile trends for you to recreate in your home.


When stepping foot into a home full of rustic farmhouse decor, you immediately feel at home. There’s something so welcoming about the classic touches paired with a modern and open and airy layout. But creating a warm and welcoming farmhouse-inspired home isn’t as simple as heading out to HomeGoods and picking up a few home decor items. Your home decor needs to go from the ground up — starting with your home’s flooring!

When you think farmhouse floors, the first thing that probably comes to mind is hardwood. But did you know you can get the wood-look without the headache or price tag of natural wood? Luxury vinyl tile offers a wood-look option that is available in a multitude of color palettes so you can select the type that best matches your home decor. Whether you’re looking for dark and moody wood-look vinyl flooring or you’re searching for lighter brown shades and subtle knots and grains, there’s a luxury vinyl tile option for everyone.

To make your home feel extra cozy, opt for a neutral-colored floor tile that pairs seamlessly with trendy farmhouse kitchen hardware and light fixture — helping to tie together every design element in your home!


Why make your floors fit in when they were made to stand out? Your home should be anything but boring, and that’s where a monochromatic color scheme can take any space from drab to fab in the blink of an eye. Although monochromic luxury vinyl tile may seem like it’s going to make a space appear blander, it will set you apart!

With wood-look LVT flooring, you often see a lot of variation from plank to plank. While this can add a sense of movement and direction to the room it can also detract from other design elements that you’re trying to highlight. If you’re worried about a monochromatic floor being too bland in your space, opt for a collection with knots and grains. These elements will add texture and interest to the floors without taking away from the monochromatic look.

Choosing a monochromatic color scheme for your vinyl tile flooring allows you to select the ideal backdrop for your kitchen and living area. If you’re looking to create a moody space with a contrasting color scheme, install LVT in dark greys to contrast against furniture with natural wood tones. When you’re hoping for a monochromatic that’s a bit more subtle, consider a color palette of greys, whites, or light beiges that will pair beautifully with a variety of design styles.